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R & S Tavares Associates

9815 Carroll Canyon Rd Suite 206
San Diego, CA 92131

858-444-3344 ext 105

Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Professional Registration and projects spanning 45 states

Our interest and extensive experience working with several Pre-Fabricated Modular Facilities throughout the United States has allowed us to become the industry leader in modular design and alternative construction systems.

We currently hold Professional Engineering Licenses in 45 States, Architectural Licenses in CA and NY and have two LEED APs on staff.
We have completed several "green" home projects well before they were being called "green." We just referred to them as common sense. One example being a remodel we designed in the Central Valley of California where we insisted on the use of non-ventilated attic space due to the site conditions to maximize energy usage for heating & cooling. We currently have two LEED APs on staff with one also being a CGBP through Build it Green. We are members of the USGBC and Build it Green in California.