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Piper Kujac Sustainable Design Consulting

173 Dolores Street, Apt. 2
San Francisco, CA 94103


Service area: 100 miles

PIPER KUJAC, B.A., is a LEED-accredited designer with 8 years professional experience in Architecture. She has worked on multiple sustainable building projects and knows the ins and outs of the everyday reality of green building, from choosing materials and systems to finding creative ways to keep them in the project when budgets become tight. She is adept at qualifying systems and features when under the “value engineering knife,” and is a wealth of knowledge in an ever-evolving building industry. In addition to working as a design professional, Piper writes for, an online magazine noted for its ‘future-forward design for the world you inhabit.’ Piper is co-chair of Emerging Green Builders and is actively involved in the US Green Building Council. A practicing architectural designer since 1999, she obtained a B.A. in Architecture from the University of Oregon in 1998 and LEED accreditation in 2004.