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Service Area: Washington DC, Metro Area


New Home | Renovation Environmental Consulting & Design
This is a very customized service. CROGS LC can start at the first thought of planning to build a new home or complete a full or partial home renovation. This service can be in conjunction with a builder or architect. CROGS LC will look at the overall process from an environmental standpoint and what makes sense for the client in their lifestyle and environmental goals. CROGS LC can follow the entire process to ensure the environmental goals established at the beginning are being adhered. Fees are tailored to the specific job.

Existing Home Eco-Assessment (Healthy Home Review)
Reviews your family’s lifestyle and surveys your existing home to guide you on reducing your environmental footprint and living a healthier life.
Areas of Eco-Assessment
* Location
* Orientation of the Site
* Energy Conservation
* Water Quality & Conservation
* Indoor Air Quality
* Materials & Resources
* Room Usage
* Areas of possible upgrade
Process of the Eco-Assessment
1. Free consultation with the home owners to establish the process of the Eco-Assessment and review any areas of the home to devote special attention.
2. A proposal to indicate which rooms will receive the assessment.
3. A group meeting with the entire family to find out their current environmental, energy, and lifestyle strategies. This engages the entire family for a more thorough eco-living strategy.
4. CROGS LC will review the home in its existing state. This includes energy systems, appliances, fixtures, room layout, lighting, finishes, cleaning products, exterior usage.
5. Production of a list and recommendations list based upon the findings from the home survey and from the lifestyle of the family to lower their environmental footprint and to possibly lower their living expenses by living more efficiently.
6. For additional fees, CROGS LC can expand upon the recommendations and provide more detailed instructions on implementation of the suggested strategies.

CROGS LC Utilizes strategies to increase environmental initiatives of our clients through design and consulting. In turn, reducing costs, increasing marketability, and employee satisfaction.

CROGS LC was formed in August 2009 by Bobby Croghan, Owner, in response to the passion of wanting to educate others on creating more sustainable working and living environments. With seven years in commercial interior design and environmental volunteering efforts, it was time create a company to help guide offices and home owners to lower their environmental footprint and live healthier.

CROGS LC believes in connection to his local community. He stays in touch through various organizations and volunteering efforts: Chair of the Residential Green Building Advocacy Committee of the USGBC National Capitol Region, Alexandria Chamber of Commerce member, Del Ray Business Association member, USGBC Company member, and Habitat for Humanity of DC & Northern Virginia volunteer.

U.S. Green Building Council Member
U.S. Green Building Council Member

The U.S. Green Building Council is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community of leaders working to make green buildings available to everyone within a generation. More...