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At Home Inspections, Inc.

30 Northview Ct
Staten Island, NY 10301


Service area: 100 miles

Service Area: Home Inspections: NYC, Staten Island and all Boroughs and surrounding NY counties. Energy Efficiency Audits: NYC, Staten Island all Boroughs and surrounding NY counties, NJ, PA and CT.


Home Performance Energy Efficiency Audits, Eco-consultations, Indoor Air Quality Inspections & Testing


Assist my clients in going green and saving money on energy costs, as I encourage them to make behavioral changes and retrofits that will decrease energy and water consumption, decrease carbon emissions and waste, increase indoor air quality, enhance energy efficiency, comfort and health and safety in their homes and offices.


As the Green Inspector of At Home Inspections, I am a Building Analyst and Shell Specialist, trained and certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI), certified as an Indoor Air Quality Technician by the Environmental Solutions Association (ESA) and a member of the Urban Green Council of the USGBC.

Currently in the process of finding and collaborating with other businesses (sealin, insulation, products, etc) in the construction and green industry to be involved the retrofitting and making environmental and energy efficiency modifications for homes and offices that I have audited and made recommendations on.