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Paradigm Roofing

901 N. McDonald St.
Suite 1003
McKinney, TX 75069


Service area: 75 miles

Service Area: Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex


Every home we roof is a well thought out process in terms of putting on a roofing system that will lower the energy consumption, improve the air quality of the home, increase the value of the property and give the homeowner the shelter that they originally set out to accomplish. We also recycle all asphalt roofs that are in need of tearing off. These old roofs are then used for new roads for years to come.


Every roof we install entails some sort of green modifications. The most recent was an historical home in Lancaster, Tx. This home brought a few challenges for providing adequate ventilation to the home. Something that the home needed desperately but was not part of the building requirements back in the early 1900's. There was no intake ventilation in the home so, the ability to remove excess heat from the attic through natural convections was not happening and the home was suffering from it. Every portion of the soffit area was completely closed and framed with 2x6 and other solid wood's. So what we ended up doing was going in the attic and cutting holes around the perimeter to create an intake to the home. Then from the outside, now that we had these openings we were then able to build a soffit since the roof system was open rafters and install a perforated soffit system. This took care of the intake ventilation but now we had to figure a way to create the outtake. Since this was an historical home the ridge area had metal ornaments running across and the home owner wanted to leave this intact. He also want the least amount of protrusion going through the roof. So based off of the attic square footage and the demand we needed to draw out we were left with a dilemma. Motorized vents were out since it would require bringing in a licensed electrician and the home owner did want the added expense. So we ended up installing Solar vents in specified areas to complete a very good ventilation system for his home.


All of our people, sales people, and crews are trained in green roofing applications. We are proud of installing a roofing system that will lower the home owners energy consumption on top of getting a superior roofing system. Its more than just slapping shingles on the roof here at Paradigm Roofing. We have taking the training for Green Roofing with GAF and I personally plan on take some of the lead courses for certifications.

From day one of opening the company our vision was green roofing. We wanted to bring credibility to an industry that has been beaten down by unscrupulous individuals and offer a service that would do more than just cover the clients home. We wanted to educate them in the products and services that are now available to truly upgrade their home and put on a roofing system that would reward them for years to come. Most people look at their roofs a necessary evil and a depreciating asset, but at Paradigm Roofing the roof is so much more and instead of being a depreciating asset it puts money in our clients pockets every month and will also increase the value of the home for years to come.