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Btn Building Salvage Specialists, Inc.

USGBC member

619 Coventry Place
Baltimore, MD 21286


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Working from its Baltimore, MD headquarters, BTN can provide products and services nationwide, depending on their nature. Only our Contracting Services have geographic limitations based on the feasibility of mobilizing. Our products can be shipped anywhere and our other services are portable.


BTN provides an array of services, but three in specific that might be useful to home owners. Our contracting group provides Intelligent Demolition services to residential and commercial customers considering demolition as a part of their project. Intelligent Demolition is a holistic service that uses deconstruction techniques to maximize the value of materials. Traditional demolition provides the greatest return for the demolition company. Intelligent Demolition provides clients with the greatest return by combining all aspects of demolition with open-book salvage and recycling. BTN also provides homeowners a spectrum of wood products made 100% from reclaimed material. From flooring and paneling to beams and siding, BTN has something for most budgets. BTN's Sourcing group also provides home owners with advanced knowledge of available salvaged building materials before they hit the market. Through membership to BTN's mailing list, members get advanced notice and access to reusable material before its available.


By the nature of our products and services, everything we do provides "green" value to our clients and customers. A recent examples is our involvement with a commercial renovation is Washington, DC. We're working with the owner, architect and contractor to re-use salvaged material and put them to good use in the finished project. We're making various finishes from our inventory of reclaimed wood, most of which will be milled to their specification in our mill. And, through BTN Finishing Services, craftsmen are making furnishing for this project, all from 100% reclaimed materials.


The founder has been developing BTN through his 10+ years of direct and indirect involvement with deconstruction, milling, retail, and creative re-use of reclaimed and architectural elements. He's again partnered with colleagues who collectively spent years providing innovation in the high tech sectors. Each came to BTN realizing the importance of innovation in dealing with the enormous challenge with construction debris, and are applying business and industry knowledge to make BTN a success. Going forward, BTN will be pursuing ways to make reclaimed material more readily available by focusing its research and development on those areas which benefit our customers directly – No research for the sake of research… We’re after tangible benefits for our clients.

We provide innovation and services that facilitate greater salvage and recycling of construction and other common debris

Our strategy: Bring innovation to the reuse and recycling of construction material

Our goal: Create incremental value by building new end markets for those materials

Our approach: Bridge market gaps for reusable material and recycle other material to meet our clients’ needs and specifications

U.S. Green Building Council Member
U.S. Green Building Council Member

The U.S. Green Building Council is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community of leaders working to make green buildings available to everyone within a generation. More...