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Berkshire Home Solutions

Berkshire Home Solutions

10800 Old County Rd 15
Suite 104
Plymouth, MN 55441


Service area: 75 miles

Service Area: Minneapolis, St Paul, St Cloud, Rochester, Plymouth, White Bear Lake, Woodbury


We do insurance restoration on the exterior of homes - re-roofing, re-siding, windows, etc. from hail/wind storms. We are able to recycle 90%+ of the old materials we remove!


Our current initiatives are to recycle 90%+ of our re-roofing projects annually. We have the system in place to do so (drop center, crew motivation, and strong desire to achieve this goal).


USGBC Course Completion - "Asphalt Shingles and the Green Home"

We found this program because we are a GAF Certified Contractor, and we're looking to be a Certified Green Roofer from GAF. I have been passionate about reducing, reusing, and recycling for a very long time in my personal life, and I have always wanted to have it be a strong part of my professional life as well. Being that we do insurance restoration work, we could be replacing a roof that is just a few years old because it has storm damage and it's full functional life has been reduced. These roofs have some performance left in them, but the insurance company gives the insured a limited time for them to complete the project or they won't pay, so we are tearing off roofs that have a useful life left in them but the system is set up to remove them now. It makes me feel great to know that we take the extra steps to do the right thing with the old materials, and that is why we are going to achieve our goal of 90%+ of our roofs being recycled. That should equate to over 135 residential roofs being recycled in the Minneapolis area. I feel great about that!