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Avalanche Roofing

Avalanche Roofing

2220 E Bijou St. Ste.217
Colorado Springs, CO 80909


Service area: 120 miles

Service Area: We work in El Paso, Calhan, and Elbert counties.


We are a residential roofing company. We roof 150 to 200 residential homes per year. We recycle 100% of the shingles that we tear-off. We offer energy efficient shingle options. We also recycle all metal flashings.


We have worked on several projects in which we installed energy efficient shingles, added attic insulation, and balanced the attic ventilation. Completing all of these upgrades in one job proves 10%-15% energy savings in most cases.


I am working with GAF to become a green roofer. I have passed the required courses. My crews are thoroughly trained to seperate tear-off waste to be recycled. We use Asphalt Recovery Specialists, Inc. in Colorado Springs, CO.

Our vision in to be on of Colorado's foremost green companies. We are completing a budiness plan to be actively installing Solar and Wind units within five years. We have started working with electricians. We are educating our crews on installation procedures. We also insulate attics, install attic ventilation, and install insulated vinyl siding. We are very excited to move forward in the green building industry.