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Azteca 111 Builders, Inc.

Azteca 111 Builders, Inc.

2150 1/2 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026


Service area: 15 miles


We inform clients about our building practices of recycling or re-claiming old lumber to build indoor/outdoor furniture. We also send approximately 70% of the materials that we demolish, such as windows, doors, lumber, concrete, and pipes to recycling centers instead of the landfills.
Additionally, we urge clients to better insulate their homes, and to seal any possible air leaks (which may need caulking, sealing or weather-stripping). We strongly suggest that clients make smarter consumer choices: such as consider purchasing tankless or solar water heaters, solar energy technology (concentrating solar power systems, photovoltaics, solar heating, solar lighting) and choose energy-star (energy-efficient) appliances (which may cost more initially but those initial costs will be offset by energy savings and longer equipment life). We also propose that clients either install storm windows over single-pane windows or replacing the single-pane windows entirely with Low-E double-pane windows. We advocate for sustainable design/engineering practices for new construction, such as passive solar architecture.
We promote and provide permaculture design practices. Ultimately, we try to direct our clients into remodeling or building a high performance home, which will use less energy, cost less to maintain and use fewer natural resources.


Our company's involvement includes all the services listed above.
We are currently planning to build a superadobe retaining wall. And we continue to provide beautiful sustainable landscape designs by choosing native plants that blend with the style of a home and have formulated plans that will lower the environmental impact of an outdoor space.


Rick Valdez, our licensed Class B - General Contractor, is a Certified Green Building Professional (Build It Green); as well as being certified in one of the latest sustainable building practices, known as Eco-Domes, where builders focus on the unique Earth (SuperAdobe) and/or Ceramic Architecture techniques. This type of building allows for the holistic learning methods of four thousand years of earth architecture and ceramics, Geltaftan and Superadobe technologies, rammed earth, and adobe.

Our mission is to provide homeowners the opportunity to work with innovative green building practices and implement those techniques. We offer resources of concept, design and building structures to assist homeowners in formulating green building alternatives. We first became involved with residential green building by simply living a green lifestyle, which evolved into then professionally providing green services in our building practices.