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Ryan Flegal, Broker - PropertyMix, Inc.

PO Box 41893
Los Angeles, CA 90041


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: I've lived in Los Angeles all my life. I sell real estate from Malibu to Pasadena, especially Santa Monica, Venice, Mar Vista, Mt. Washington, Highland Park, Altadena, South Pasadena, Eagle Rock, Silverlake, Echo Park, Brentwood, and downtown. I represent select larger projects across California.


I help people buy, sell and lease residential homes, multi-family investments, commercial and industrial properties, and special-use properties. I'm an expert in marketing and negotiation.

I'm an expert in marketing green buildings, understanding their valuable features and conveying that value to buyers.

For buyers, I'm an expert negotiator, helping my clients purchase properties with excellent prices and terms. Additionally, I help clients understand benefits like energy efficiency, permaculture, water conservation, durability, material life-cycle management, renewable energy opportunities, salvage and re-use, indoor air-quality and more.

Many clients work with me because I've got a really good understanding of construction (with a strong focus on green building construction) and can help them find the resources they need to begin their own renovations responsibly and with a short and long term cost benefits.


I'm a Los Angeles based real estate broker with extensive green building experience.

Renovation of my Green Lofts project was featured on an episode of the Planet Green show Greenovate. The Green Lofts is an old light bulb factory converted to live/work lofts across from a light rail station. The project features extensive use of salvaged and re-used building materials, a large photovoltaic array, low and no VOC finishes and improved energy efficiency.

I'm currently working on a green renovation of our home - an old Victorian farmhouse built in the 1800s. We just installed salvaged maple bowling lanes for our kitchen counter tops and a heat-reflecting metal shingle roof that is 100% recyclable. We're planting a food forest and improving the home's energy efficiency.

I have nine years of experience in real estate sales and I've owned and managed a nationally franchised brokerage firm with 35 agents. I now work as an independent client-focused real estate broker.


I've lectured on green building at festivals, green building tours, neighborhood / historic associations, and resource centers. And I've been interviewed on real estate and / or green building issues by CNN, Los Angeles Times, Marketplace (National Public Radio) and Planet Green.

My green building vision is to help people live lightly and efficiently so we may have a sustainable world community.