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Wayne Maples Plumbing

327 O'Hair Ct St F
Santa Rosa, CA 95407


Service area: 75 miles


Our company has made a commitment to green products and technologies that will increase the return on investment for the products that you purchase, and also increase your home’s value. We offer accredited Green Plumbers® technicians, knowledgeable in high-efficiency product rebates, WaterSense® and Energy Star® rated products. Our nationally-recognized 50-point water and energy audit will help you reduce your utility bills without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

Saving water and energy helps you save money on utility bills, but is also beneficial to the community and the region. We pride ourselves in helping to create sustainable communities.


We used to be an excellent plumbing company. Now, we are an excellent green plumbing company! As a licensed Green Plumber® our company has committed to company-wide training in the Green Plumbers® series of third-party validated environmental courses for plumbers. We require our technicians to complete Green Plumbers® program segments in Caring for Our Water, Climate Care, Water Efficient Technology, Solar Hot Water, and Inspection Report Service as part of their on-going plumbing education, and we encourage them to take other elective courses in the Green Plumbers® series.