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Service area: 150 miles

Service Area: Green Gardening Today services all of San Diego and Orange County.


At Green Gardening Today, we specialize in the installation of residential and commercial artificial turf in San Diego County. Artificial turf is a perfect alternative to a traditional grass lawn for homeowners because it looks and feels like real grass but does not require fertilizer, mowing or watering. Unlike the costly upkeep required of traditional lawns, our artificial turf is affordable and environmentally friendly, helping you to conserve water and save money on gardening costs.


Green Gardening Today is committed to helping homeowners in Southern California conserve water. Most of California is now at a Stage 2 Drought Level which requires mandatory water rationing. Do your part and help San Diego conserve our resources with a synthetic/artificial turf grass lawns that is environmentally friendly in many ways. Synthetic grass conserves Southern California’s precious fresh water resources. San Diego County Water Authority has already called for residents to save 20 gallons per day – that’s 600 gallons per month or 7,200 gallons per year – a 10% reduction.

A typical home uses 36 gallons per sq ft of lawn per year. So for a typical residential yard with 1,000 sq ft of lawn a homeowner will use 36,000 gallons of water per year!

Artificial grass lawns require no fertilizer which saves San Diego area bays, lakes, and the ocean from urban run-off which pollutes our waters. Herbicides are unnecessary because, as you might guess, artificial turf grass lawns are not susceptible to lawn diseases and pests.