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Bear Valley Design, Ltd.

P.O. Box #770475
Steamboat Springs, CO 80477


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Northwest Colorado (Stemaobat Springs, Craig, Meeker, Rangely, Walden) Southern Wyoming (Green River, Rock Springs, Rawlins, Laramie, Cheyenne) Colorado 'Front Range' (Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs)


Engineered design of residential and commercial insulation systems, moisture control systems, HVAC (inclusive of radiant floors and solar), domestic hot water systems,.and off-grid power and co-gen systems.


Experience on a multitude of projects involving some to all of the above listed items.


Mechanical engineering degree.
Licensed Professional Engineer.
40 years of experience dealing with engineering problems encompassing everything from heavy and marine construction, to power systems, prime movers, and residential / commercial construction.

To save clients money in the long run by showing them how (and WHY) to do things the RIGHT way the FIRST time, as well as how to build things so that, while maintenance is minimized, inevitable long term maintenance can be performed with a minimum amount of disruption to a structure and its functions.
First became involved with energy effective residential construction via the construction, with my own hands, of my own home during the first 'energy crisis'.