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Angler's Plumbing Inc.

4052 Fortuna Ave.
Camarillo, CA 93010


Service area: 75 miles

Service Area: We proudly Serve All of Ventura County as well as large portions of Santa Barbara & Los Angles Counties


Water Consevation services including Surveys/Audits, Water Saving Fixtures & Appliances, Gray Water Management Techniques, Solar Hot Water, Hot Water Circulation, Rainwater Conservation Techniques, Leak Detection Locating/Repair, Energy Saving Appliances/Fixtures. We are Green Plumber Accredited. We help clients Design & Build Energy Efficient Homes by keeping fully abreast of New Technologies, Materials, and Tools. Keeping on the Cutting Edge of All Water & Energy Conservation Proceedures related to Resiential Plumbing and Piping. We are Fully Licensed, Trained, and Insured


Design, Layout and Building of Energy Efficient & Off Grid Resiential Homes.... Wells/Pumps, Waste Disposal, Water/Energy Efficient Potable Water Systems, Gray Water Systems..Water Treatment, Rain Water Systems, Hot Water Heating...Conventional , Tank less, Solar, Water Heating (propane/natural gas & electric), Hot Water Circulation...Incluing Demand, Pumped Time/ Temperature Controled, Gravity Feed Systems


Green Plumber Accredited
Sucessfully completed courses in 1) Caring For Our Water, 2) Water Efficient Proucts, 3)Water Efficient Technologies, 4) Climate Care, 3) Solar Hot Water, 6) Caring For Our Water, 7) Inspection Report Services, 8) Urban Irrigation, 9) Principles in Pumps

We realized several years ago that Water & Energy Conservation was Absolutely Necessary if we are going to continue enjoying our current quality of life. It was at that point that we started Turning our Business More and More Green, Realizing that the Plumber plays a Key Role in Educating the Public to Environmental, Conservation, and Public Health Needs.