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123 Green Clean

8601 W. Cross Dr. F5 #138
littleton, CO 80123


Service area: 50 miles

Service Area: we go around most towns in the rockie mountains and denver metro area


we clean houses and businesses with home made cleaners that are more safer to the earth and to peoples health then any store bought cleaners and i have done cleaning for over 23 years and 123 green clean prides it self to give you the best cleaning for all that wants a more green way to clean and we help people to recycle more and show them what they can do we are more then just a house cleaning service


we want to have in a later date a totally green building thats runed by only solar and be earth friendly for the future of our earth


its a new business and have no employees yet but employees of 123 green clean well go throught a training to know how to be green and be able to keep t up standing green service that i keep in 123 green clean

to have a building that works with all green recycleing businesses and to take and recycle and be able to send it to get recylced and pertected our earth better and to perduce more in green produces