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Urwind Inc.

1195 Smith Street
Montreal, NY 11976


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: New York Massachusetts New Jersey New Hampshire Pennsylvania Connecticut Maine Vermont Quebec Ontario


UrWind Inc. is an innovative North American company
dedicated to creating renewable energy solutions. The company focuses on designing and manufacturing urban wind turbines that are easily installed on both towers and rooftops permitting homeowners, businesses, and institutions to produce clean renewable energy and take control of their energy bills. UrWind offers a powerful, quiet, and affordable vertical axis wind turbine that will easily blend in urban and suburban settings, while sending a strong environmental message and being your sustainability flag.

UrWind’s mission is to empower clients to generate on-site clean energy at an affordable price. UrWind is dedicated to providing the best technology and efficient solutions to our consumers and partners.

Products: UrWind O2 (vertical axis wind turbine)


UrWind manufactres small vertical axis wind turbines that can be installed in urban and suburban settings to generate on-site renewable energy.


UrWind has experience and expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering. We also have extensive knowledge in aerodynamics and wind turbine design.

UrWind is a course sponsor for a free face-to-face AIA & USGBC continuing education course tiltled "Small Wind Turbines: A Renewable Energy Solution for On-Site Generation".

UrWind is a course sponsor for an AIA & USGBC coninuing education course tiltled "Small Wind Turbines: A Renewable Energy Solution for On-Site Generation"