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U.S.WAY Lighting, LLC

P.O.Box 10080
Chicago, IL 60610


Service area: 100 miles

Service Area: Nationwide sales of: 1. Induction Lamps, CFLs, LED lamps and fixtures; 2. Urban-size MagLev Barrel Generator and conventional VA Wind Turbines; 3.Sustainable Materials: printed PV foils (CEA LITEN tech.)


U.S.WAY™ Corporation is a privately owned electronic and lighting design company that has focused on developing innovative lighting, renewable energy, and sustainable products to restore natural “green” environment along the provisions of the LEED® Rating System. We offer:

1. Lighting – Induction Lamps, CFLs, LED lamps and fixtures;
2. Turbines – patented MagLev Barrel Generator and conventional VA Wind Turbines;
3.Sustainable Materials – printed PV foils (CEA LITEN tech.)
In addition, we develop architectural plans for LEED Certified “green” buildings and modern lighting designs.


U.S. Green Building Council – Technical Committee Adviser on renewable energy technologies;
Department of Energy – Energy Star Partner;
Cook County - vendor;
Global Green USA - participant in “Rebuild America®” DOE Projects;
The International Maglevboard e.V. - member;
U.S. Institute for Theatre Technology – Lighting Commission member on scenography.


Victor Korzen, CEO - worked for 11 yrs at the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. as Compliance Engineer, broad knowledge of UL, Military, and NSF Standards, since 2003 active member of the USGBC Chicago Chapter, specializes in electro-magnetic vehicles.
Mike Weide, CLO - Professional Civil Engineer, administered and supervised brownfield redevelopment projects for private and public officials, worked closely with City Manager and Public Works superintendents. Experienced with stormwater management, wetland and brownfield issues (including UST’s), traffic signals and airport infrastructure. Project Manager for various TIF funded Central Business District projects.
Tom Zanzola, President - Professional Certified Electrician for 21yrs, 5 Years of apprenticeship training in IBEW local 117, Certified Thermographer specialized in Passive Houses and energy emissions, hands-on experience in electrical contracting business and energy-saving.

Victor Korzen has been involved with green business since he got engaged with the "Eco Dream Team” projects of the Rocky Mountain Institute and, later on, developed the operation procedures for the then newly created Research Committee of the USGBC Chicago Chapter. Ever since, all the U.S.WAY products have been designed to advance compliance with the LEED Rating System.