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Brandon Meyers Company, LLC

P.O. Box 5883
Springfield, MO 65801


Service area: 100 miles

Service Area: Special arrangements can be made for services extending further than 100 miles from Springfield Missouri.


Heating and Air Conditioning, Windows, Insulation, Flooring, Lighting, Painting, and Solar (Passive and Active).


Brandon Meyers Company has been using sustainable products and techniques for well over a decade. We believe that not only can your home or business be physically attractive, but it can be energy efficient and easy on our natural resources. Even if the customer is not seeking these ideals, we do our best to educate and enlighten them on the great benefits of building with "Green" products and design.


Brandon Meyers Company is a charter member of the Ozarks Green Building Council. We work closely with Rob Hoerr Design, who specializes in Green Building Design for both residential and commercial clients.