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The Carpet Recyclers

14209 Gannet Street
La Mirada, CA 90638


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: We service the entire state of California.


Carpet Recycling Services throughout California.


We process and recycle carpet rather than it going into landfills.
Reclaimed material is used for recycled products including new carpet and building materials.


We have two facilities in California. One in Oakland serving Northern California and one in LaMirada serving Southern California.

Six billion pounds of old carpet fill our U.S. landfils each year - 4% of all waste disposed! Recycling just 1000 square feet of carpet keeps 4500 lbs out of landfills, saves 440 gallons of oil and reduces 5 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere - the same as planting 25 trees. The Carpet Recyclers are committed to diverting this material from landfills and conserving the raw materials that would be required to manufacture new carpet.