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The Green Plumber

1452 E. 33rd Street
Signal Hill, CA 90755


Service area: 15 miles

Service Area: Long Beach, Seal Beach, Lakewood, Signal Hill, Los Alamitos, Bellflower, Cypress, Huntington Beach, Sunset Beach, Westminister.


GREEN Systems / Eco Friendly Services:
Water use reduction recommendations.
Tankless, Hybrid, High Efficiency Tank style Water Heaters
Ultra low flush (1.6 gallons / flush)
High efficiency (1.28 gallons or less / flush)
Dual Flush (choice of 1.6 or .9 gallons/ flush)
Graywater Reuse [Also known as greywater or grey water]
Analysis and System Installation.
We are a BRAC greywater package system dealer.
Hot Water Recirculation Pump Systems.
Instant hot water solutions.
Solar Water Heating.


We have completed installations of tankless and high efficiency condensing hybrid and tank style water heaters.


We are licensed with GreenPlumbers, providing green education for all of our plumbers.

Green Plumbing in Long Beach Makes a Father Proud...and Hopeful

For Timothy Collier, owner of The Green Plumber and a third-generation plumbing contractor, it was becoming a father that cemented his determination to plumb 'green.' "While looking at my hopes for my son's future, it became clear that changes needed to occur all around us," said Collier.

"It is my belief that we must start making small shifts in the way we live and perform business, to make our children's future better. The more time I spend searching for methods to make those shifts, the more resources I find.

The Green Plumber, Long Beach, CA, has been installing water-efficient toilets, tankless hot water heaters, graywater systems and solar hot water for years now, but is glad to see conservation becoming part of the mainstream.

Collier looks forward to helping his customers achieve their goals of water conservation through training his plumbers in green technology.