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Building Performance & Comfort, Inc.

266 Spears Ranch Road
Jarrell, TX 76537



Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, trainings across the nation


Energy Efficient Home Design, Consulting
Home Ratings, Q/A Inspections during construction
Forensic Building Investigations to diagnose home performance problems
Pre-construction consulting on materials, HVAC, indoor air quality, water management, insulation, window selection,
All levels of testing and diagnosis of homes and residential systems


Founder of Austin Energy's Residential Energy Efficiency Division in 1985 and ten years as its manager
Staff member of Austin Energy's Green Building Program for five years
IECC lead trainer for the Texas State Energy Conservation Office
Consulted on dozens of green homes and businesses
Presented hundreds of seminars on energy codes, green construction, water management, mold, indoor air quality, HVAC design, sizing, duct design, ventilation and materials selection


ACCA Certified Instructor for Manual J Sizing, Manual D duct design, Manual S equipment selection
Certified Energy Manager, Association of Energy Engineers
Certified Air Balancing and Duct Testing, National Comfort Institute
Certified Duct Design and Diagnostics, Florida Solar Energy Center
Certified Building Analyst, HVAC and Heat Pump, Shell and Envelope Professional, Building Performance Institute

How did I become involved? I stood by and watched Doug Seiter as he slapped the baby green building industry on the butt the day it was born and I heard its first cries. I was green before there was an industry. I then learned all of the building science that I could from Joe Lstiburek, Betsy Pettit and John Tooley and put the two bodies of knowledge together.