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Barn Detail, Inc.

2903 Mechanicsburg Rd
Wooster, OH 44691


Service area: 200 miles


We are an authentic source of reclaimed, antique wood materials. Experienced and knowledgeable, we are able to provide you with one-of-kind antique wood products to enhance your surroundings and offer your building project heirloom quality. The primary product we manufacture is wide-board flooring, with unrivaled patina and depth of grain. We carry varied species, from oak and chestnut, to walnut, cherry, hickory and many more. Our line of reclaimed building materials includes sandstone, stair treads, countertops, paneling, door and cabinet materials, and we are happy to provide your particular needs for your custom project. Entire barn frames, timbers, architectural salvage and furniture complete our offerings.
We at Barn Detail, Inc. are committed to, thoroughly appreciate and support the use of reclaimed woods, while using sustainable practices for a greener, cleaner earth. We harvest reclaimed woods from barns and antique structures, doing our part to protect our forests and new growth trees. Recycling these previously cut hardwoods allows the impressive beauty to find new life in your building project, while responsibly co-existing with nature. Purchasing our reclaimed, antique wood helps reduce both demolition waste and energy required for manufacturing new or engineered products. Our shop generates heat in winter by the efficient burning of our own wood by-products, negating the need for gas, oil or electric heat. An outdoor furnace connected to a radiant floor slab heats the entire shop floor. We are LEED Standards compatible. LEED is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is the leading accepted measure for green building. There are financial incentives such as tax rebates and zoning allowances attached to LEED certification, as well as the piece of mind available to you when you utilize reclaimed products, commit to a small footprint, and honor our environment if only for one project at a time.


The Starre house, in Medina, Ohio is a LEED approved, completed house built with many of our wood components. It has been featured in various magazines and we can share more info when you contact us. his project has recently expanded to include a straw bale cabin, also using our wood products for floor and rafters and more. It is currently under construction.


We are self-taught and life-style involved with sustainability, green practices and home organic food production. With decades of concern and practice, we try to incorporate creating a smaller carbon footprint in all we do. From the heat source for our shop, to the Prius we drive. Principal, Charles King has constructed many homes and specialized in Victorian remodeling and restoration under strict historic guidelines, leading his experience in "old methods" and historic materials use.

Although many homeowners and corporate headquarters have built with - and remodeled with our reclaimed, antique wood products, our intention is to share the inherent "green" value and participation in sustainability we offer with any purchase from us. Our reclaimed woods save new wood growth, curtail energy needed to produce new products, canceling polluting by-products. Coupled with the unrivaled beauty of these reclaimed woods, we believe everyone should avail themselves of the opportunity to purchase reclaimed wood products.