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BIM-ME s.a.r.l

sin el fil
Beirut, CO 80002


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Lebanon,kuwait,United Arab Emirates,KSA,Qatar,Egypt.


Building Energy Modeling (BEM)

BIM-ME Engineers delivers state-of-the-art energy modeling capabilities to achieve commercial and technical differentiation. We provide specialized modeling services using some of the world’s best building modeling software. Our capabilities enable us to work on design projects that compliment and accommodate energy efficiency and sustainable design. We integrate modeling techniques to analyze sustainability of buildings in adherence to building standards such as ASHRAE, LEED etc.

BIM-ME Engineers can work on any modeling project from conception through to implementation or certification, or work on specific parts of the project. Our expertise is in the following areas:

1. Building Energy Modeling Production (BEMP)
2. Building Energy Modeling Consultancy (BEMC)
3. Building Energy Modeling Training (BEMT)

Our services span many industries and clients that seek to implement energy efficiency strategies. Our advanced teams of engineers design optimize and strategically reduce energy consumption in industrial, retail, commercial, health, public and other sectors. We take pride in that we do not sell or represent a single product; we care about the full design processes and deliverables.


Currently we are carrying a complete energy and daylight modeling work using IES on two LEED registered projects, which are also aiming to collect points for EAc1 and EQc8.1.

Yet for confidentiality reasons, and since the project is not certified yet, please allow us to refrain from stating any specific data related to project name, owner or precise location.

-The first project is 26 stories mixed use residential building in KSA.
-The second project is a 20 stories commercial building in Kuwait.