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Pacific Northwest Timbers

130 Seton Rd
Port Townsend, WA 98368


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Northwest US, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada, Colorado


FSC Recycled Wood from raw timbers to fine furnishings to maximize LEED points and environmental awareness.

FSC Recycled wood products count for double the LEED points of FSC Raw or MIxed, making it the smart choice for any LEED registered project.

With wood lots, mills, and wood shops in Port Townsend, WA and North Fork, CA we are able to provide FSC certified Recycled wood products in everything from raw timbers to fine furnishings.
Let us help you get the highest LEED rating possible while adding beauty and strength to your building project.


From day one PNT and it's parent company, Crossroads Lumber, have been all about green building. Although we were originally drawn to reclaimed wood decades ago due to it's strength and stability for timberframe projects, that direction led us to a long term dedication to rescuing a wide variety of great, old growth woods from historical tear downs.
We've been in the recycled wood business from the very beginning and our extensive network of suppliers and affiliates ensure that we can fill the wood needs of any project.
We are very proud of our FSC certification and are always ready to discuss the most advantageous applications of recycled wood products in any project.


Marc Mandel, and his PNT partner, Jake Jacob, have been in the reclaimed timber business from its inception. Under Marc's ownership, Crossroads Lumber has been one of the most successful reclaimed wood milling operations in the country for decades.
Jake was there at the very beginning of reclaiming wood in he northwest and is one of the most experienced wood technicians and tear down surveyors in the industry.
They both have a wealth of knowledge and well deserved stellar reputations in the industry due to their very long track records of fairness and professionalism.

The recent addition of the Recycled designation to FSC certification created a need for a chain of custody supplier of FSC certified wood and wood products. PNT can fill that need for any project in the northwest and beyond.

FSC Recycled wood is by far the best choice for any wood specified in a LEED project from raw timbers to flooring, panelling, custom counter tops, and fine furnishings. Anywhere wood is specified, our FSC Recycled products fill the need at double the LEED point accumulation.
Using rescued wood whenever possible is an ultra-efficient reuse of old growth wood that is in every respect a superior product to new wood products.
Structurally superior old growth woods are not only strong, but also beautiful and loaded with history.
We are dedicated to saving this rare resource and efficiently reprocessing it to make it available yet again to building projects with a green vison for the future.