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Norwood Marble & Granite, Inc.

USGBC member

3400 Windom Road
IceStone Distributor
Brentwood, MD 20722


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Leveraging latest laser and CNC automated technologies for accuracy, Norwood Marble & Granite (NMG) routinely performs expert fabrication and installation of durable surfaces for the Maryland, Virginia, DC, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia markets. NMG's U.S. GSA/CCR CAGE: 590Z4


Norwood Marble & Granite has been providing residential and commercial durable surface products for over 23 years and has specialized in fabricating and installing "Green" countertops, walls and floors for nine years, to include IceStone, the only durable surface in the world Certified Cradle to Cradle Gold. IceStone does not contain any toxic substances. IceStone durable surfaces are an excellent green choice for kitchen or pantry countertops, backsplashes, bathrooms, laundry rooms, tabletops, fireplace surrounds, flooring, conference tables, reception areas, transaction areas, bar tops, outdoor kitchens and any other surface where stone could be used. IceStone is UV proof. IceStone surfaces are created from 100% recycled glass, mixed with a cement binder to create a highly durable and aesthetically beautiful surface that is considered a high performance concrete product. IceStone is as hard as granite and is twice the strength of marble yielding a long product life cycle. IceStone surfaces come in a wide variety of colors including neutrals, earth tones, vibrant and playful hues all of which are suitable for both commercial and residential installations. Custom colors can be created for large projects. IceStone is often selected for not only its integrity, but its ability to help a project obtain LEED certification, for which IceStone can contribute up to 7 LEED points. IceStone also has achieved NSF 51 Certification, which designates the product as suitable for use in food service areas. Norwood Marble & Granite focuses on green manufacturing and was recently approved as a Certified B Corporation.


Norwood Marble & Granite (NMG) has fabricated and installed green products in hundreds of LEED certified projects, to include Norwood Marble & Granite fabricated and installed all of the IceStone countertops in the USGBC headquarters during 2009, a certified LEED Platinum project. During 2008, NMG was invited to participate in its first of many LEED homes project which is in Washington, DC.


All of Norwood Marble & Granite (NMG) senior staff focus daily on the latest green product knowledge as it relates to residential and commercial construction. It is the goal of all NMG senior staff to achieve LEED AP certification by the end of 2011. As one of the most tenured IceStone distributors, Norwood Marble & Granite works closely with the manufacturer of IceStone in maintaining IceStone's Gold level Cradle to Cradle certification.

Norwood Marble & Granite (NMG) has always emphasized a positive environmental impact in every aspect of its operations. From mandatory water and waste recycling, to providing extraordinary care and concern for employees, NMG has been a leader in the industry. NMG's recent approval as a Certified B Corporation was an especially reflective moment for all of NMG's 45 employees. For many years, NMG was the first and only DC area construction related company to closely embrace and strongly encourage the use of IceStone as the preferred green product for durable surfaces. Taking millions of pounds of needless impervious products like glass from the waste stream, and creating beautiful residential and commercial construction surfaces, has been a central mission and goal for NMG's green building activities. In addition, NMG has worked closely to support hundreds of Architects during all phases of hundreds of LEED certified commercial projects, and now residential LEED certified projects.

U.S. Green Building Council Member
U.S. Green Building Council Member

The U.S. Green Building Council is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community of leaders working to make green buildings available to everyone within a generation. More...