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Green Cleaning

Genevieve's Natural Cleaning Company

Portland OR – Service area: 15 miles

I use natural cleaning products and cleaning methods which exclude the use of paper and other disposable products such as paper towels and disposable moping pads. I use public transportation to get to customer's homes. I offer services in organization, clutter-clearing, and household management so that my clients homes and lives can be running efficiently and simply which is also much better for the environment. Currently I am researching aromatherapy cleaning and home services to enhance the harmony,

Glen Eco Vapor Systems

Bethesda MD – Service area: 150 miles

Glen Eco Vapor Systems provides Green Cleaning systems and supplies. Dry steam vapor systems eliminate the need for chemicals yet they clean, sanitize, and disinfect all surfaces.

Our systems reduce hazardous chemical usage and runoff.
Our cleaning systems have been awarded a Massachusetts multiyear contract for EPP cleaning equipment and supplies. All systems eliminate the use of chemicals during the cleaning process. Indoor air quality is protected as well as water resources. Natural resources

Go Green Clean

Saint Louis MO – Service area: 50 miles

Go Green clean is your source for green home cleaning and light residential cleaning services. Our holistic services will reduce the indoor air quality of your home and reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals. We are a cut above traditional cleaning services. All of your cleaning services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Go Green Junk Free

Granada Hills CA – Service area: 75 miles

We are a Green Conscience Junk Removal company that beliefs in Reusing, Reducing and Recycling.Our junk is either donated or disposed at Reclamation Centers.


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LOS ANGELES CA – Service area: 100 miles

Junk Removal, Junk Hauling, Green waste removal, furniture removal, mattress removal and recycling, dirt removal, brick removal, refrigerator removal, appliance removal, stove removal, e waste removal, e-waste hauling, chronic hoarding clean out, garage clean out, office clean out, desk removal, shelving removal, shed removal, hot tub removal, rock removal, concrete removal, concrete hauling, couch removal, bed removal, chair removal

Golden Crew Carpet Services

San Francisco CA – Service area: 20 miles

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Golden Shine Cleaning Agency

San Diego CA – Service area: 60 miles

We offer a variety of green cleaning products and services, which are vastly superior to the harsh and environmentally harmful chemicals used in most homes.

Great Cleaners Atlanta

Acworth GA – Service area: 20 miles

We offer green cleaning services in Acworth GA and the surrounding area. Our team members use only eco-friendly detergents to our clients.

Green & Clean

Pasadena CA – Service area: 50 miles

Green & Clean is a cleaning service for your home or office using safe eco-friendly products, combined with good ole’ fashion “elbow grease” and mindful thoroughness.

The Whole House or By The Room:
• Baths
• Kitchens
• Living Room
• Nursery
• Office(s)

Cleanings are VOC free and biodegradable. No noxious fumes, scents or residue after cleaning.

Green Cleaning Seattle - Eco-Maid Services™

Seattle WA – Service area: 15 miles

Green Cleaning Seattle - Eco-Maid Services™ is Seattle's locally owned & operated green cleaning service.

We service all of Seattle & select surrounding locations. There are lots of other "green cleaners" out there but we are the only one with an official trademark. What's the "trademark" mean? Read more about us on our website:

Look for our green vacuum & ™ to be sure you've found Green Cleaning Seattle - Eco-Maid Services™

We offer eco-safe maid services,