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Green Builders & Contractors

Cameron C. Habel Construction, Inc.

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Oakland CA – Service area: 50 miles

Habel Construction has one NARI Certified Green Building Professional on staff, and has completed a two story residential addition which significantly incorporated green methods and materials.

Cerra Homes

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Aiken SC – Service area: 100 miles

I'm a custom green home build providing clients with best practises for healthy, comfortable, cost effecient construction. I build, remodel, and coach green

Earthship Biotecture

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Taos NM – Service area: 200 miles

solar, wind, biodfuels, catchwater, contained sewage treatment, heating/cooling
recycled materials, food production

Go Green Construction, Inc.

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Northridge CA – Service area: 50 miles

At Go Green Construction we pride ourselves on delivering quality craftsmanship using renewable, sustainable materials. Our homes offer an attractive alternative to traditional construction while promoting a healthier environment for our clients and the planet.

Our goal is to minimize impact on the environment with energy-conscious building practices that will benefit our clients and generations to follow.

We have 17 years of experience serving the residential and commercial market in Southern

Greenlife Homes

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Wyoming MI – Service area: 50 miles

I have been interested and working in green buildings, both commercial and residential, for 12 years. I have authored and presented papers at conferences nationwide. My topics primarily are financial impacts, architecture and integrated green design, as well as mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. I am a registered engineer in the state of Michigan.

JAMSHAR Construction Consultants L.L.C.

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Willingboro NJ – Service area: 40 miles

Green & Sustainable Design/Build Construction & Consultation for LEED® Rating Systems, NAHB® Green Green Building Program, Energy Star® Program.

Energy Star® Partner - 100% Committment for New Construction

NAHB® Green Verifier - S/F Homes, Multidwelling Units, Major Renovations

Contract/Project Management.

EPA Certified Lead Dust Sampling Technician

EPA Certified RRP Lead Safe Firm

MacLeod Design & Construction

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Berkeley CA – Service area: 200 miles

We provide extensive knowledge of green building materials, finishes, systems, construction methods, and renewable energy. We are familiar with the GreenPointRated rating system. We can design and build net zero energy homes. We take an integrated approach to green building. We love to make beautiful daylit spaces!

Matarozzi and Pelsinger Builders

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San Francisco CA – Service area: 50 miles

Over the past 20 years, Matarozzi Pelsinger has earned a reputation as a leader in San Francisco’s construction industry. We specialize in both residential and commercial projects and take pride in providing superior craftsmanship, value and service while minimizing our impact on the environment.

In a highly competitive market, we distinguish ourselves by focusing our attention on the needs of the clients, architects and consultants with whom we work. We have a growing green building

SBC Scherer Building Corporation

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Steamboat Springs CO – Service area: 200 miles

We have been studying and implementing Building Science for over 25 years. Green before Green was cool. Which also translates to Energy Efficient Building Practices. We also understand that it takes a special kind of builder to know "square feet" are not the only kind of feet in your home.
We also adhere to Joe Lstiburek's montra:

The Green Insulation Company

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Stamford CT – Service area: 120 miles

Our company installs biobased spray foams from several different manufacturers in both residential and commercial buildings. We install in both new construction and existing buildings.

Our goal at The Green Insulation Company is to help the environment by reducing the amount of energy required to heat and cool a house. This is a green building product, that will save you money right from the start. It seals a structure's thermal envelope, making it is more energy efficient, mold and pest resistant