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Green Consultants

Green Irene Home and Office Makeovers

Amityville NY – Service area: 25 miles

We conduct Green Makeovers of your Home or Office. A consultation with us will pay for itself hundreds of times over, and will improve your health and lessen your impact on the earth, while NOT compromising quality of life. We can recommend professionals for green upgrades, and also offer a line of safe cleaning products, green lighting products, low flow showerheads and aerators, and much more.
One of our clients recently raved:
"I wish everyone would take the time to have a makeover, if

Green Irene Independent Eco-Consultant Rusty Keller

Jacksonville OR – Service area: 50 miles

As your local Eco-Consultant, I can show you how to save thousands of
dollars by investing in healthier, greener solutions for your home, office and lifestyle. Some of the services I offer:

-Green Home Makeover is a green home consultation where I will walk through your home and develop a set of recommendations on how you can save money, save energy and live a healthier life.

-Green Office Makeover is a green office consultation where I will start you on the path to greening your office and

Green Irene | LLC

Littleton CO – Service area: 30 miles

As an Eco-Consultant I can help you and your family find ways to green your home or office. With a Green Home or Office Makeover I can show you how to save hundreds on your water and energy bills and how to reduce toxins in your home, improve indoor air and water quality and which products you can use to reduce waste production and increase recycling efforts.

I have been greening homes and offices since 2009 and have a master's degree in Environmental Policy and Management and a bachelor's degree

Green Living Renovation LLC

Breckenridge CO – Service area: 50 miles

We provide deep energy retrofits for residential homes and approach green remodeling as a whole house system. We install solar electric systems and install green building products such as custom concrete counter tops and other kitchen and bath products.

Green Neck Consulting

Kilmarnock VA – Service area: 100 miles

Provides green building design consulting for new construction and remodeling of residences and small businesses in the the Northtern Neck. Consulting includes advice on energy audit action plans, decision assistance on materials and methods to create a healthy, efficient, and comfortable home that saves money and energy by using less power and creating its own.

Green Project

Cranberry Township PA – Service area: 100 miles

We help companies design and implement green building solutions for residential remodeling projects.

Green Revolution, Llc.

Hialeah FL – Service area: 200 miles

Using their utility bills and a short survey about their habits as inputs, our Green Home Consultants will meet with clients to break down their energy and water use into visual segments with our "Revolutionary Recommendations" calculator. From this bigger picture view, we will drill down into each area of consumption and provide recommendations on how to become more efficient with easy to implement tips and products.

Green Talk LLC

Summit NJ – Service area: 60 miles

I am a LEED AP, and have already built a energy star, nontoxic, environmentally friendly house six years ago complete with geothermal and blown insulation.

Green Technologies USA

Kennesaw GA – Service area: 75 miles

certified solar pv installers

GreenBuilt Solutions

Sanford FL – Service area: 150 miles

We work with architects, engineers, builders and owners to produce the most sustainable homes for the level they are willing to invest. For the home building industry we provide the following services:
• Green Home Consulting
• Design Charettes
• Green Home Standard Inspections
• Energy Modeling
• Energy Ratings
• Sales Staff Training
• Owner Orientations

We provide education to building professionals on green construction techniques, rating systems and marketing of green