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Green Tile & Stone

Express Countertops

Hanover MD – Service area: 30 miles

We offer an assortment of eco-friendly & recycled countertop materials that allow homeowners to embrace green lifestyles and lower their carbon footprint during their next kitchen or bath remodel. I shouldn't say offer--we encourage making the environmentally responsible choice!

Flux Studios, Inc.

Chicago IL – Service area: 200 miles

Flux Studios is a decorative arts manufacturer. Products include Revolv Recycled Stone Tile and solid surfaces which contain 82% recycled content including waste limestone from architectural ornament manufacturing.

Greco Granite Corp.

Redwood City CA – Service area: 100 miles

We make a concerted effort to recycle what materials we have and we can offer those materials to our customers according to their needs. Greco Granite is a specialty contractor and we service the eco-minded individual based on the decisions they make for their remodel projects. We work in all natural stone, recycled glass, tile and we are a wealth of information having been in the industry for 26 years. Let us help YOU obtain whatever green counter or flooring material you're looking for.- namaste

Insulstone Inc

Meridian ID – Service area: 200 miles

InsulStone is an insulated stone and siding (I-CAP) company manufacturer with R-values up to R-18. Our products reduce energy usage for decades to come and is a practical us for EPS materials with 50-100 year fascia. We offer a built-in rainscreen to prevent mold and mildew in walls, are economical and very easy to install.

Majestic Stone Imports

Indianapolis IN – Service area: 200 miles

Offering recycled stone material products as well as the Eco line from Cosentino. Interior Designer on staff pursuing LEED certification.

Neuse Tile Service Inc.

Youngsville NC – Service area: 100 miles

Tile is an inherently 'green' product as it helps maintain indoor air quality and cleans up with water. Our staff is well-versed in healthy home tile installations, and our Certified Green Cleaning Associate can suggest ways to maintain your beautiful tile and your environment's well-being.

Norwood Marble & Granite, Inc.


Brentwood MD – Service area: 200 miles

Norwood Marble & Granite has been providing residential and commercial durable surface products for over 23 years and has specialized in fabricating and installing "Green" countertops, walls and floors for nine years, to include IceStone, the only durable surface in the world Certified Cradle to Cradle Gold. IceStone does not contain any toxic substances. IceStone durable surfaces are an excellent green choice for kitchen or pantry countertops, backsplashes, bathrooms, laundry rooms, tabletops,

O'Reilly Tile Design the Green Tile Installer

San Francisco CA – Service area: 30 miles

What my company brings to the table is the ability to use the latest green technologies in tile installation. One of the products that we use is Schluter. Schluter incorporates recycled materials into their manufacturing and strive to recycle scrap materials back into their production process to divert materials from the waste stream.

In addition to Schluter, we always use products with low VOC content and low urea formaldehyde. During the installation process we use the minimuim amount of water

Precast Materials, LLC

Dallas TX – Service area: 200 miles

Build GREEN with Ashcast™ fly ash concrete! In addition to economic and ecological benefits, the use of fly ash in concrete improves its workability, reduces segregation, bleeding, heat evolution, and permeability, inhibits alkali-aggregate reaction, and enhance sulfate resistance.

Ashcast™ is a trademarked product that incorporates recycled materials such as fly-ash, a biproduct of power plants, when airborne can cause permanent damage to our environment. Ashcast™ is a strong, durable

R C Tile and Marble Creations

Salinas CA – Service area: 50 miles


R.C. Tile and Marble is your one stop for all the finest tile, marble and granite products. At R.C. Tile and Marble, we are ready to assist homeowners, contractors, architects and interior designers. We are a professional company that works with any kind of tile and natural stone. Our goal is to create an experience that will keep you smiling for years to come. Our founder has over 40 years experience in designing unique interior living areas made of tile, marble and granite