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Green Painting

Ecos Paints

Fairforest, SC – Service area: 200 miles

Ecos Paints is a manufacturer of water based organic paints and varnishes. At ECOS Paints, we created paints, varnishes, and other finishes that genuinely contain zero VOCs. Made in sunny Spartanburg, South Carolina, we are the world's best selling water based, VOC Free paint. harmful Solvent-free, Glycol-free, Eco-friendly, Allergy-safe finishes. Totally free of all pesticides, herbicides and toxins. -

Safe for Allergy, Asthma, Chemical Sensitivities
Water, natural plus manufactured

ECOtrend Corporation


Santa Clarita CA – Service area: 75 miles

We distribute an all natural interior paint, that can help you achieve LEED credits towards your green building projects. Our paint is GREENGUARD Children and Schools certified.

Ethos Roofing & Restoration

Elizabeth CO – Service area: 100 miles

We install: 100% Recycled attic insulation, Solar Powered Attic Ventilation Systems, Natural Engineered Ventilation Systems, Cool Roofing Systems, and Solar Platforms.

We Recycle: Shingles, All Scrap Metal, and Paper Products

Green Apple Painting

Freeport NY – Service area: 200 miles

New York Green Apple Painting is leading the way in the use of non-toxic, earth-friendly paint and stain products. Now, not only will you receive the most quality paint service money can buy, but you will also feel good about your contribution to our earth’s preservation and cleanliness.

Green Earth Coatings LLC


Wixom MI – Service area: 50 miles

Green Earth Coatings has been involved in advanced green low VOC painting products since 2008. We have been applying green coatings since the inception of Green Earth Coatings to various building structures such as municiple, residential, commercial interior and exterior.

Green Painting

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Brooklyn NY – Service area: 100 miles

We are a New York-based team of craftsmen dedicated to the highest degree of quality and service, paying special attention to the health affects and environmental impact of each project. Actively researching and testing the latest eco-friendly technologies, we ensure that the paints, finishes, and adhesives used are all zero-VOC* and that our cleaning supplies meet the highest standards to mitigate exposure to environmental toxins. Additionally, as a creative independent agency, we are able to provide

green paints

arcade NY – Service area: 50 miles

degree in environmental engineering

Impact LLC

Little Rock AR – Service area: 25 miles

Specializing in green retrofitting and energy efficiency consulting, Impact, LLC has experience in all aspects of green remodeling. With state-of-the-art technological resources like Infrared Thermography, we can tackle any job--from interior or exterior painting to insulation and air sealing.

Industrial Nanotech, Inc.

Naples FL – Service area: 200 miles

Industrial Nanotech, Inc. is a green company specializing in developing sustainable nanotechnology based solutions for applications designed to save energy, protect assets and reduce carbon footprints. Our technology provides immediate energy saving solutions with short-term payback periods. Our Nansulate(R) line of thermal insulation coatings is providing revolutionary solutions to increase energy efficiency of buildings, homes and equipment.

Liquid Siding


ORLANDO FL – Service area: 200 miles

Liquid Siding is a cool roof coating which meets and exceeds the qualifications needed to become and Energy Star Partner. Our product is also commonly installed on vertical walls where our customers continue to state they see notable reductions in their heating and cooling cost. Our product is warranted for 25-years so there is no need to paint again making our product very sustainable. It is water based and has low VOCs. Liquid Siding is the perfect product for meeting GREEN standards.