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Green Interior Designers

Wright Design

Philadelphia PA – Service area: 50 miles

Lili Wright is a third generation designer, who has worked in the arts and design for over 20 years. Her career as an artisan was brought to a halt in 1994 when she developed a debilitating sensitivity to the materials she was using to create 18th century European-style finishes on walls and furniture. The crisis required her to seek out safer and healthier ways to express her creativity as well as address issues of her own healing. In the process of researching alternatives, Wright discovered a

Zieman Design

Ridgefield CT – Service area: 20 miles

We are a full-service architecture, architectural interiors, project management and green building firm. Our practice is defined by three concepts: listening, attention to detail, and innovative design. Licensed since 1992, we earned LEEP AP credentialling in 2009, and are currently working towards REGREEN certification. Each project is a complex interweaving of financial, design, technical and building science considerations, but the most important component is a client's individual needs and

Andra Martens Interior Design

Belvedere CA – Service area: 50 miles

Founded in 2003, Andra Martens Interior Design is a Green Design and Consulting firm based in Northern California. I have a commercial design background with a degree in Interior Architecture and Design. Green design has been an evolution for my business and I am solely interested in sustainable building, renovations and consulting.

As a green designer I have completed one green home project. The project was to partially deconstruct and recycle the old home and then build a new one. Planning

Cathy Morehead+Associates

Santa Ana CA – Service area: 50 miles

Cathy Morehead and Associates has been providing quality interior design solutions for residential and commercial clients since 1984. CMA’s work is defined by a sensitive integration of architecture and interior design. CM+A is committed to design integrity and client service. Clients environments are thoughtfully tailored to suit their life style, needs and budget.

Cindy Albert Interiors

Orange CA – Service area: 50 miles

I founded my company almost 9 years ago. I do residential and commercial projects. I am very interested in branding myself as a Green designer.
Right now I am a one-person operation. I worked for a company that sold used office furniture and that is where I became familiar with LEED certification. I never imagined myself selling used office furniture, but liked the idea that we were helping keep tons of material out of land fills.

I am back working for myself and very much want to participate

Dennis Design Group

Los Angeles CA – Service area: 50 miles

Dennis Design Group is an architectural interior design firm based in Beverly Hills, California. The firm specializes in sustainable design for the residential, hospitality and commercial arenas. Lori Dennis has been published in countless magazines throughout the world as well as appeared on many television and radio programs demonstrating her expertise in design and homemaking. She has lectured at the UCLA interior design program on the topic of sustainable design.

Dennis Design Group approaches

Ferrium Design Studio, Inc.

New York NY – Service area: 50 miles

Whether you entertain regularly or enjoy spending quiet moments reading on your sofa, your home should reflect your taste and interests. Ferrium will create living space where you’ll feel at ease and nurtured. Creating rooms to compliment your lifestyle, our designers surround you with furnishings that resonate with meaning.

Ferrium wants you to enjoy the process and delight in the choices we present – from cabinetry and flooring to fabrics and furnishings. We design and decorate

KC Design Group

Aptos CA – Service area: 50 miles

KC Design Group is a full service interior design firm located in Aptos, California on the beautiful Monterey Bay. We strive to create beautiful, functional and healthy environments that are rooted in sustainable design principles. We collaborate with builders, contractors, and other professionals on a broad range of projects including: residential remodels and new construction, restaurants, offices and medical facilities. We actively participate with various organizations within the environmental

Kimberly Rider Interiors

San Rafael CA – Service area: 50 miles

We were founded in 2000 and focus on high-end sustainable custom homes and remodels including decorating and furnishings. We specialize in organic fabrics and textiles as well as specialty wall finishes using non-toxic, natural products. We also work with residential developers on unique projects including lofts and luxury green homes.

Since 2004, we have completed ten green home projects. In one key project, we designed a spa for pregnant women with environmentally friendly materials such as

Lily Hallett Design

Half Moon Bay CA – Service area: 50 miles

Lily Hallett is certified interior designer and member of the CCIDC. She started Lily Hallett Design in 2009, bringing to the firm over 15 years of experience in interior architecture. The firm concentrating mostly in commercial tenant improvement projects. Lily Hallett is LEED AP in Commercial Interiors, member os the Northern California Chapter of USGBC. Involves in commercial projects and concentrating in tenant improvements