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Green Solar & Alt Energy

Ulrich Home Improvement Llc

Bristol CT – Service area: 200 miles

Our company performs Home Energy Assessments and provides our customers resources and education to make informed decisions about which clean renewable energy to use and how to make their homes or offices more energy efficient.
We have partnered with Sunlight Solar and Total Green Geo Thermal, and we also have a network of licensed contractors that provide expertise in Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, New Home Construction, Windows, Siding, Foam Insulation Experts, Excavators, Roofers all with the same

Urban Wind Installers

Carrollton TX – Service area: 150 miles

Factory Authorized Trained Dealer for WePower LLC
Sell, Install, Service, Site Survey DRG SWT Distributred Renerable Generation Small Wind Turbines for Commercial Real Estate.

Urwind Inc.

Montreal NY – Service area: 200 miles

UrWind Inc. is an innovative North American company
dedicated to creating renewable energy solutions. The company focuses on designing and manufacturing urban wind turbines that are easily installed on both towers and rooftops permitting homeowners, businesses, and institutions to produce clean renewable energy and take control of their energy bills. UrWind offers a powerful, quiet, and affordable vertical axis wind turbine that will easily blend in urban and suburban settings, while sending a

USA Solar Store

Perkinsville VT – Service area: 50 miles

An entrepreneurial based chain of environmentally focused advocates for alternative energy and energy saving appliances. Headquartered in Vermont, USA Solar Stores is a one-stop resource retail shop for green living education and green energy solutions. Dave Bonta, president and founder of USA Solar Stores is the author of two recent books, "The New Solar Home" and "New Green Home Solutions."

Virtue's Of Green Energy Consulting

Saint Louis MO – Service area: 50 miles

Solar energy consultant independant contractor for Syndicated Solar. Specializing in home energy management. Then end user to smart grid is smart home, with such technology paired with Solar Energy consumers are able take control of their carbon footprint.

Wayne's Solar Inc

Ormond Beach FL – Service area: 200 miles

Our company provides solar electric, solar pool heating and solar hot water heaters. We also now offer solar attic fans and sun tunnels.


Aliso Viejo CA – Service area: 200 miles

We are a global manufacturer, developer and marketer of green products including Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT), Solar Thermal Water Heating Systems, Smart Power Systems (SPS), and Intelligent Skylight Systems.

West Lake Solar Roof Fans

shanghai KS – Service area: 200 miles

We provide solar attic fans or gable fans ,the really proforssional solar fan manufactures .

Westhaven Solar Inc.

Blue Lake CA – Service area: 200 miles

Westhaven Solar Inc. specializes in green building, solar energy, both PV and Hot water, radiant floor heating, energy efficient cooling, and a whole package of renewable products to build your home right and healthy.

Advanced Solar Integration Technologies

Irvine CA – Service area: 50 miles

ASIT is a Renewable Energy company with focus on solar PV and Wind for residential and commercial application. We have a strong engineering team that designs and integrates various energy products in the building envelops and helps to reduce energy and improves efficiencies. ASIT was founded in 1997. We work with LEED architects and other building designers to achieve most LEED points on Energy and Conservation for new or existing construction. We have implemented several solar projects sites with