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Green Professionals

MacLeod Design & Construction

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Berkeley CA – Service area: 200 miles

We provide extensive knowledge of green building materials, finishes, systems, construction methods, and renewable energy. We are familiar with the GreenPointRated rating system. We can design and build net zero energy homes. We take an integrated approach to green building. We love to make beautiful daylit spaces!

Maggie Wood Consulting

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Jamesport NY – Service area: 100 miles

Maggie Wood Design & Consulting is a green design and consulting firm that provides expert guidance in the design and construction of green residential and commercial projects across the country. We work with homeowners, developers, architects and builders to bridge the gap between traditional building and the growing demand for green design and sustainability.

Martine Paquin Design

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San Francisco CA – Service area: 100 miles

Martine Paquin Design was established in San Francisco in 2008 with a focus on modern, sustainable, environmentally design. The firm's most recent focus is on high-end single family homes in the Bay area and the Tahoe area.

Our designs are contemporary, with clean lines. We pay close attention to the natural light balance and how it plays off the materials. The management of a project is crucial to its success. We pride ourselves on being open, flexible, and responsive to our clients.

Matarozzi and Pelsinger Builders

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San Francisco CA – Service area: 50 miles

Over the past 20 years, Matarozzi Pelsinger has earned a reputation as a leader in San Francisco’s construction industry. We specialize in both residential and commercial projects and take pride in providing superior craftsmanship, value and service while minimizing our impact on the environment.

In a highly competitive market, we distinguish ourselves by focusing our attention on the needs of the clients, architects and consultants with whom we work. We have a growing green building

Meditch Murphey Architects

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Chevy Chase MD – Service area: 50 miles

In each of our projects we search for something special - something meaningful and unique to our clients, the site, its microclimate and the surrounding culture. We see architecture and sustainability as being eternally linked. Common to all our work is our passion for simplicity and the art of building.

New Eco, Inc.

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Inwood NY – Service area: 100 miles

The mission of New Eco is to provide its customers and community with turn key, tailor made solutions for sustainable and efficient living. We take a whole building approach towards our customer's homes and businesses, bringing them from start to finish once they have decided to make their property healthier and less expensive to maintain.

Ojanen Chiou Architects, LLP

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San Francisco CA – Service area: 50 miles

Ojanen_Chiou architects, LLP was formed in 2006 by Marc Ojanen, AIA and Shen-I Chiou, AIA, LEED accredited professionals with over 24 years of collective experience in residential, commercial, civic, cultural, and educational projects in the United States, Europe and Asia. We provide full architectural services for a wide variety of project types and scales, including landscape architecture, interior architecture, furniture, and graphic design. Our approach is interdisciplinary and collaborative

Piper Kujac Sustainable Design Consulting

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San Francisco CA – Service area: 100 miles

PIPER KUJAC, B.A., is a LEED-accredited designer with 8 years professional experience in Architecture. She has worked on multiple sustainable building projects and knows the ins and outs of the everyday reality of green building, from choosing materials and systems to finding creative ways to keep them in the project when budgets become tight. She is adept at qualifying systems and features when under the “value engineering knife,” and is a wealth of knowledge in an ever-evolving building

Recurve Inc.

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San Francisco CA – Service area: 70 miles

Re-Energize your home - The first step in our process is a Home Energy Audit performed by an expert in building science. Based on your concerns and goals, your home consultant will provide a complete home analysis that includes customized solutions so that you can pick the projects that give you the most bang for your buck.

Some of the most common problems that we fix are high energy bills, drafty homes, uneven heat distribution (rooms that are cold in the winter or hot in the summer), leaky

Rush Quality Environments

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Sherman Oaks CA – Service area: 100 miles

I will come to your home or office anywhere in North America and work with you to create a healthy and green environment. The "Big Four" Environmental Concerns:

1. Mold and moisture
2. Heating and Air conditioning systems
3. Chemicals and chemical offgassing
4. Electromagnetic pollution

Steve is a Registered Environmental Assessor with the state of California. He also has the following certifications with the American Indoor Air Quality Association: Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant,