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Green Roofing

Tristate Roofing, Inc.

Tacoma WA – Service area: 60 miles

We are a roofing contractor who sorts and recycles asphalt, wood shake, cardboard, plastic and metal. In 2012 we recycled over 1,000 tons of material. We currently only recycle materials from our roof jobs. We believe in saving the environment and not just filling up landfills with so much waste.

Tropical Roofing Products

Hallandale FL – Service area: 200 miles

Who we are is pretty simple. For over 50 years, Tropical Roofing Products is a company that has supplied the industrial and commercial marketplace with the most dependable commercial roofing materials on the market. We manufacture all our products at one of our three facilities nationwide. This hands-on relationship with the manufacturing process gives us an in-depth knowledge of every product we sell. Did we write the book on roofing products? You could say so.

Tybee Time

Tybee Island GA – Service area: 200 miles

8 years experience recommending and installing solar hot water heating systems. LEED AP

Urban Ecoforms, LLC

Philadelphia PA – Service area: 50 miles

Registered Landscape Architect
LEED Accredited Professional
Environmental Management

Vintage Roof Tile

San Jose CA – Service area: 50 miles

We buy and sell recycled clay and concrete roof tiles. We are the largest in stock reseller on the west coast with over 1000+ crates of tiles. We specialize in hard to find and historical tiles. For 30+ years we have been in business buying and selling recycled clay and concrete roof tiles. We keep 100% of the tiles out of land fill. We have over 1,000+ crates of tiles on site. Our motto is We've Got Them. We are a certified member of the Bay Area Green Business Council.

Walker Roofing Company Inc

St. Paul MN – Service area: 100 miles

We are involved with a roofing recycling program. Most of the asphalt shingles that we tear off of old roofs are able to be disposed of at a recycler.

Wedge Roofing

Petaluma CA – Service area: 50 miles

Wedge Roofing has a proven history for professional, safe, and ecologically friendly contracting throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. As a locally based contractor since 1976, the maintenance and upkeep of the Bay Area’s ecological systems is to us both personal and of the highest importance. We make a commitment to support environmentally friendly practices in roofing and offer expertise in sustainable, environmentally responsible and energy-efficient roof systems for residential, commercial

West Side Roofing Co.

Brook Park OH – Service area: 100 miles

West Side Roofing has participated in approved training to show homeowners how to make their roof "green". West Side Roofing can install energy efficient shingles, prepare a roof for solar energy, improve air quality for proper ventilation, and recycle asphalt shingles. These services can increase a home's durability by controlling moisture, help improve energy efficiency, support renewable energy, help improve indoor air quality, and reduce the risk of ice dams via proper air ventilation.

Weston Solutions, Inc.

Dallas TX – Service area: 50 miles

Weston Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1958 and since 2001 has provided the GreenGrid roofing system for commerical and residential applications. GreenGrid is a modular green roof which is can be installed on low sloped roofs and works on both new and existing building projects. To date WESTON has provided over 2 million square feet of GreenGrid roofs.

Wyoming Roofing

Sheridan WY – Service area: 200 miles