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Green Professionals

Earthship Biotecture

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Taos NM – Service area: 200 miles

solar, wind, biodfuels, catchwater, contained sewage treatment, heating/cooling
recycled materials, food production


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Aptos CA – Service area: 200 miles

EcoEnergy loans specializes in energy efficiency financing for residential. FHA EEM, 203K and EnergyStar Mortgage. As a green mortgage consultant I have completed multiple green projects including a green home construction and take out loan in 2007. My green accreditations include Certified Green Building Professional, from Build It Green May 2008. I am active with the USGBC Monterey Bay, Northern California Collaborative Steering Committee of the Thousand Home Challenge and EnergyStar Mortgage Pilot

Flooring Alternatives

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Berkeley CA – Service area: 50 miles

Since 1998, we have provided our clients with beautiful and durable flooring materials that are healthy for both people and the planet. We are proud to help ensure responsible use of global forest resources by being FSC chain-of-custody certified (SW-COC-001264).

Full Circle Architecture, LLP

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Oakland CA – Service area: 50 miles

Successful architecture satisfies the Owner's functional program within budgetary, scheduling, and marketing requirements. It balances practical and efficient construction techniques with legal constraints and the demand of the public to be a good neighbor and a good citizen.

Successful integration of these often-conflicting interests requires a broad and deep grounding in the application of building science and construction arts. Just as important as these formal disciplines is a fluency in local

Gleicher Design Group

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New York NY – Service area: 50 miles

Paul Gleicher is a LEED AP
Crystal Pickard is a LEED AP

Go Green Construction, Inc.

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Northridge CA – Service area: 50 miles

At Go Green Construction we pride ourselves on delivering quality craftsmanship using renewable, sustainable materials. Our homes offer an attractive alternative to traditional construction while promoting a healthier environment for our clients and the planet.

Our goal is to minimize impact on the environment with energy-conscious building practices that will benefit our clients and generations to follow.

We have 17 years of experience serving the residential and commercial market in Southern

Green Built Consultants

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Santa Monica CA – Service area: 100 miles

Green Built Consultants helps builders and owners to identify and implement sustainable building techniques and materials into their construction projects. Find out the many ways to "green" your next project and make healthy, intelligent choices.

Green Built Environments

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Asheville NC – Service area: 50 miles

Through her design and consulting business, Green Built Environments, Victoria Schomer offers the following services and qualifications:

• Commercial and residential interior designer since 1972
• Green building advisor since 1988
• Consultant to homeowners, and other design and build professionals
• Focus on renovations and interiors; small decisions to large projects
• Writer, and lecturer of green design and build CEUs
• Advises to other building and design professionals

Green Painting

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Brooklyn NY – Service area: 100 miles

We are a New York-based team of craftsmen dedicated to the highest degree of quality and service, paying special attention to the health affects and environmental impact of each project. Actively researching and testing the latest eco-friendly technologies, we ensure that the paints, finishes, and adhesives used are all zero-VOC* and that our cleaning supplies meet the highest standards to mitigate exposure to environmental toxins. Additionally, as a creative independent agency, we are able to provide

Greenlife Homes

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Wyoming MI – Service area: 50 miles

I have been interested and working in green buildings, both commercial and residential, for 12 years. I have authored and presented papers at conferences nationwide. My topics primarily are financial impacts, architecture and integrated green design, as well as mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. I am a registered engineer in the state of Michigan.