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Green Engineers

Wila Lighting

Tustin CA – Service area: 200 miles

Wila Lighting and Bruck Lighting have been specified into several LEED projects with LED high performance and decorative lighting fixtures.

Wilson & Girgenti, LLC

Safety Harbor FL – Service area: 200 miles

LEED AP Certified.

Projects Completed:
Skanska at Metwest – Tampa, FL;
FKCC Marine Tech Center at Key West Community College – Cayman Islands;
SSR - Nashville, Tennessee;
Infinity Medical Office Building – Tampa, FL;
Seminole Professional Center – Tampa, FL

Crosby Group

Redwood City CA – Service area: 50 miles

Crosby Group was established 1992 with the goal of providing structural engineering design solutions that would be creative and economical for a wide range of projects. Our 40+ employee practice excels by working collaboratively with architects and owners to meet their vision for the design of their projects. We have become known for leading our industry in the use of contemporary seismic solutions such as base isolation, passive damping, carbon and glass composites, and buckling restrained braces.

Integrated Power Corp

Novato CA – Service area: 50 miles

Since 2005, iPower designs high performance, pure energy systems for commercial, new construction and residential applications, specializing in BIPV. With extensive background in clean tech investments/ financial analysis, iPower advises clients on obtaining the highest ROI while eliminating electric bills. Offering architecturally-trained designers and licensed engineers, iPower partners with its clients to provide turnkey installations or pass the project on to the contractor.

An example is

NorthStar Engineering

Chico CA – Service area: 50 miles

NorthStar Engineering was founded in 1983 and has grown to provide civil and structural engineering as well as surveying, waste water design, environmental and GIS design work. We have LEED Accredited Professionals in multiple disciplines throughout the company to assist in many aspects of sustainable design. NorthStar Engineering provides design and engineering of green homes. Specializing in design of ICF and SIP structures we can help maximize energy savings and performance in the building envelope.

Parker Resnick Structural Engineering

Los Angeles CA – Service area: 50 miles

Our firm specializes in the structural design of high-design, custom architectural homes and commercial buildings, particularly in Southern California. We were founded in 1987, and bring our 20+ years of expertise in coordinating our work with architectural, mechanical, and sustainable systems, to all of our projects.

We have worked on numerous sustainable home projects over the past 10 or 15 years. These homes have been designed by architects in Southern California, who are leaders in innovative

Snave Niloc Efficiency Engineering Consulting

Albuquerque NM – Service area: 50 miles

I have been working in commercial and industrial HVAC and Plumbing system design for four years. I am recently the proud new owner of a home with passive solar design and many green upgrades to come, including: solar hot water heating for radiant floor application, wind turbine powered water pumps, ground source heat pump, and solar chimney for passive cooling.

I am a green home owner, designer, and retrofit enthusiast. I have helped install a PV panel and battery system with backup propane

Yu Strandberg Engineering

Oakland CA – Service area: 50 miles

We are a small structural engineering firm that specializes in residential and multi-family residential construction. We offer reduced fees for clients willing to use green structural projects.