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Green Pest Control

Bullfrog Pest Management, Inc.


Syosset NY – Service area: 30 miles

Third Party Certified Green Pest Control

Contractors Termite And Pest Control


Chino CA – Service area: 200 miles

IPM - Integrate Pest Management Programs
Monitoring, Baiting, Eco-Friendly Materials, Exterior sealing and exclusion work provided, bee traps with "Pheromones" may be installed to attract bee swarms.
Bird barriers and spike installed / Rodent stations installed with traps or baiting material

New Construction Termite Protection built in - Termistop / Termimesh
Lumber pretreatment with Borate Products

ABC Pest, Lawn, & Termimesh

Lewisville TX – Service area: 150 miles

We are installers of the Termimesh Pre-Construction System. This chemical free, sustainable termite barrier uses no water to install, and is designed to keep termites out for the life of the home. The $75000 damage claim warranty covers the home and contents and is renewable and transferable for as long as the home is standing. This system will earn points in many green building standards nationally and internationally. Building science vs. chemistry

A typical soil termiticide pre-treatment uses

California Pest Management, Inc.

LaVerne CA – Service area: 50 miles

Complete pest management and prevention for almost any type of facility. Specializing in LEED and Green Globes rated structures and projects. Company owner is LEED AP: O&M.

Excel Termite And Pest Control

River Edge NJ – Service area: 60 miles - Excel Pest services provides a green pest control service. Our goal is to be able to provide a pest control that will not only solved your pest problems but also provide a safe, eco-friendly service while doing so. We try to provide a family and pet safe experience.

Fox Pest Control

Oxford CT – Service area: 50 miles

Fox Pest Control is a pest control company located in Oxford, Connecticut. They provide a wide variety of pest services and have served over 14,000 homeowners.

Green Environmental Servcies

St. Petersburg FL – Service area: 40 miles

Green Environmental Services is a greener alternative to traditional pest control. We offer a personal service based on the needs of the customer. We inspect the structure and asses the situation them come up with a treatment plan based on our observations. We work to exclude pest from entering your home or business through techniques like sealing holes, elimination nesting sites and offering solutions to the reduce activity. Green Environmental Services strives to protect the environment you

Natures Own Solutions

WEST PALM BEACH FL – Service area: 50 miles

Knowledgeable in Organic alternatives to Toxic Chemicals currently used in Insect control, fertilization & weed control.......In Residential. Commercial, Institutional and Industrial applications

New Mexico Pest Control

Santa Fe NM – Service area: 100 miles

Rodent Exclusion to prevent entry into structures. Green Termite Treatment using Duponts new Altriset green product. Inspection and monitoring to verify pest presence. Use the least hazardous materials where apporopriate and effective.

Nvirotect Services

Lutz FL – Service area: 200 miles

What Makes Nvirotect Green? | Certifications
Effective green pest control embraces Integrated Pest Management (IPM), an approach that is more sophisticated and scientific than that of traditional exterminators. At the core of IPM is pest prevention, client education and regular inspections. By identifying and eliminating conducive conditions which can attract pests before they arrive, you truly are getting the “Greenest” pest control available!
If pest activity is already present, Nvirotect’s