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Local Activity

Susan Aiello answered Sally Perkins's question.

3 months ago

Is it really worth unplugging everything when it is not being used? How much does a phantom load really pull?

Topic: Energy Efficiency
Lucas Johnson

Lucas Johnson answered Senait's question.

11 months ago

What is the best type of insulation to use for a completely uninsulated house in Coastal Southern California, built in 1974?

Topic: Energy Efficiency
Kirsten Flynn

Kirsten Flynn answered Milla's question.

1 year ago

Can gasses from a memory foam mattress have an effect on fertility?

Topic: Healthy Home
Richard Williams

Richard Williams answered David Ahlgren's question.

1 year ago

How do I learn about Green homes in my local area?

Topic: Real Estate
Cynthia Phakos

Cynthia Phakos answered connee hanley's question.

2 years ago

Is there a concern about formaldehyde or other toxins in either engineered wood or laminate flooring? I am thinking of replacing tile floor.

Topic: Flooring