Green Lighting Questions

Aren't fluorescent lights bad for our eyes compared to incandescent lights?

— Dannie Loriano Spokane, WA

Answered by Doug Garrett on April 29, 2014

Is there a quality difference in 4ft. florescent light fixtures?

— Denise Las Vegas, NV

Answered by Susan Aiello on January 29, 2014

What kind of light bulbs can I use in a bathroom that would not emit as much heat?

— nancy steinke Belton, TX

Answered by Jason Kliwinski on September 9, 2013

Can you suggest a CFL or LED bulb to fit my swing arm reading lamp?

— Mary Jane Malko Oyster Bay, NY

Answered by David Bergman on May 29, 2013

Are there 100 watt LED light bulbs available, for enclosed hanging globe?

— Dorothy Tenney Middle River, MD

Answered by Sean Lintow Sr on May 3, 2013