Green Landscaping Questions

How do you transfer Phylox without hurting the plant. I have them overgrowing in a small area.

— Cheri Louisville, KY

Richard Heller

Answered by Richard Heller

New Rochelle, NY

Greener by Design

April 23, 2014

PLease Help

— Darla Dunn Arlington, GA

Answered by Adam Beazley on May 12, 2015

Use of plastic deck materials for raised beds

— Gerry Donaldson Tecumseh, MI

Answered by Sean Lintow Sr on May 11, 2015

Ground cover for a hill.

— Richard Allen Franks Columbia, TN

Answered by Evan Berger on January 29, 2014

How can I get rid of aliens which have grown up in my southwest landscape?

— Sondra Granbury, TX

Answered by Richard Heller on September 9, 2013