Green windows Questions

New Vinyl Windows and Toxicity

— Christa Denver, CO

Answered by Jenny Perdoro on July 9, 2015

At what point does U value really matter?

— John Henderson Houston, MO

Answered by Edward Wright on November 5, 2014

What is the proper construction of a storm window?

— Dan Scandinavia, WI

Answered by Michael Holcomb on August 13, 2013

How do you stop windows from getting condensation?

— Sharon Flemington, NJ

Answered by Michael Holcomb on November 12, 2012

What should I know about window glazing?

— Ronnie Dio Phoenix, AZ

Answered by Elizabeth DiSalvo on May 10, 2012

What can we do about condensation on our windows during the winter?

— May Drinkwine Putnam Station, NY

Answered by Danny Kelly on November 2, 2011