Green Lighting Questions

Is there a quality difference in 4ft. florescent light fixtures?

— Denise Las Vegas, NV

Answered by Susan Aiello on January 29, 2014

What is the greenest dimming light bulb?

— Doug Lanning Phoenix, AZ

Answered by David Bergman on January 25, 2011

How do I dispose of broken CFL bulbs?

— E Newcomer Shrewsbury, PA

Answered by Hugo Lopez on November 10, 2010

How energy efficient are "Xenon" halogen bulbs in light fixtures?

— Sherry Logan, UT

Answered by David Bergman on September 7, 2010

Should I worry about the mercury in fluorescent light bulbs?

— Craig Dunlappe, Albany, CA

Answered by Eric Corey Freed on July 31, 2007