Green embodied energy Questions

Can you offer advice for building our kitchen cabinets sustainably?

— Jennifer Housel, Kingsley, PA

Answered by Susan Davis on April 1, 2008

Large gaps have formed between the boards of my wood-paneled walls. Can they be saved?

— Alison L., Baton Rouge, LA

Answered by Greg Upwall on February 4, 2008

Is brick a good option for siding? How green is it?

— Ken Yaber, Bonneau, SC

Answered by Miriam Landman on January 21, 2008

Is there locally quarried stone near Southern California?

— Caroline Kaplan, Mission Viejo, CA

Answered by Tracy A. Stone on September 5, 2007

Which is greener: fiber-cement or vinyl siding?

— Patty Boyce, Berea, KY

Answered by Connie McCullah on August 21, 2007