Green eco tile Questions

What types of showers are greenest? We're getting ready to redo the master bathroom.

— Linda J Heuser North Granby, CT

Answered by Erik Henry on October 29, 2012

How do I know if the tile in my home is toxic?

— Greg Machesney Park, IL

Answered by Gennaro Brooks-Church on July 19, 2010

Can you recommend a durable and easy-maintenance floor for a bathroom?

— Kathleen Schaeffer, Easton, PA

Answered by Paul Gleicher on June 12, 2009

Is limestone tile a sustainable choice for a pool and patio surface?

— Lynne Latham, Los Angeles, CA

Answered by Cassandra Adams on November 20, 2007

Is there locally quarried stone near Southern California?

— Caroline Kaplan, Mission Viejo, CA

Answered by Tracy A. Stone on September 5, 2007

Are there nontoxic alternatives to vinyl and lead sheeting for shower pans?

— Sheila Brody, Brooklyn, NY

Answered by Brad Hubbell on June 5, 2007