I have a log home. Will insulating my interior walls lower my electric bill?

Asked by jerry h.
Hopkins, SC

I have a 6-year-old log home and the interior walls are tongue-and-groove. If I open those walls and add insulation, will it lower my electric bill?



If you mean that on the inside of your log home the exterior walls have an interior finish of tongue-and-groove boards, then the answer is yes, adding insulation will lower your heating and cooling bills.

Typically a log home uses the thermal mass of the logs to insulate against the cold of winter and heat of summer. For example, in winter the logs will retain the heat from the interior space and radiate that stored heat back into a room as the room begins to cool. If there is a wall finish system on the inside of the logs, this process is not allowed to properly function as designed.

Adding insulation will increase the thermal properties of the existing exterior walls and result in lower energy costs.

  • I would recommend using a 1/2-lbs blown-in insulation with a minimum of R-3.6 per inch.
  • This will not only help insulate but also stop air infiltration, which is very common with log homes.

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