Will I be able to combine the de-superheater on my geothermal heat pump with my solar water-heating system?

Asked by Jesse Meyer

I'm buying a home that has a solar hot water heating system yet has an oil furnace. I would like to install a geothermal system, but would first like to know if it's possible to combine (in parallel) the solar hot water heat exchanger and the de-superheater section of the heat pump.


Darren Brinkley

Answered by Darren Brinkley

St Petersburg, FL

REAL Building Group LLC

March 15, 2010

There is no reason why these could not work together. Remember that the geothermal de-superheater will only heat water when the unit is running, so if you have an efficient house that uses the geothermal less, having a solar back-up, which would obviously still heat your water on cooler but sunny days, is perfect. Simply having the de-superheater preheat the water should work, or you could get more sophisticated with thermostats and only use the solar heater as required.

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