Will a zero-VOC paint seal in offgassing from a primer? A VOC emitting product was used as the primer.

Asked by greeengal
Seattle, WA

Painters used Miller Performance PVA primer #8140 yesterday all over the interior of our newly remodelled home - it slipped thru. I had wanted zero-VOC paints used throughout - now, I'm wondering if low/no VOC interior paint will seal off the primer offgassing, or somehow reduce it? Or, are we just SOL? :>


Answered by Liberty Phoenix Lord

Gainesville, FL


December 17, 2010

We have found that using any of the AFM Safecoat paints will lock in the existing VOC's from previously treated surfaces.

You must use a minimum of 2 coats.

All AFM Safecoat paints have a molecular structure worked into the paint that enables it to create an actually membrane that locks in the existing treatments.


For more information:

Read Nick Cope's Q&A "How can I limit harmful offgassing from a recent coat of "non-green" paint?"

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