Why don't the bldgrs of apartmts and condos insulate the buildings better and stop making claims that are not true? Every outlet cold air?

Asked by Maggie Low
Alexandria, VA

No foam backing to block all the draft that comes in through the outlets. Windows and doors so drafty you can see the curtains move when the wind blows. Are they in cahoots with the utility companies for kickbacks or what?


Sean Lintow Sr

Answered by Sean Lintow Sr

Naperville, IL

SLS Construction & Building Solutions

January 3, 2014

No they are not, but most will build to the minimum allowed by codes / what they can get away with. As for outlets, the issue is not having a foam cover but rather a lack of air-sealing & in some cases insulation when it was built - the outlet covers just hide the issue & will only help reduce heat loss by a tiny margin with all the air-flowing through. They are also not required by any code. With that said, installing them will help in some cases & may improve your comfort which at 10 cents a shot is pretty cheap & easy to handle. As for windows, consider an interior storm - you can generally pick up a kit at a local store for a few bucks & they do really help. For more: As for doors & even the windows as it relates to weather-stripping - that is generally best left to the landlord to handle - if you are comfortable enough doing it, & they have no issues maybe see if they will allow you to change it out - as for payment well that is another story. One other option is you might see if there are any local programs that you or they may qualify for to make the places more efficient. Believe it or not, but most do not advertise that well so many landlords do not know that they have those options. You may also check into local ordinances which may require them to deal with some of these issues. For more:

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