Which wood finishes are safe to use on children's furniture?

Asked by Karen Bird, Denver, CO

Which wood-finish products are safe to use on furniture and toys that children could chew on?


Piper Kujac

Answered by Piper Kujac

San Francisco, CA

Piper Kujac Sustainable Design Consulting

March 8, 2007

There are many healthy options for finishing wooden toys or furniture. A food-safe natural wood oil such as those used on cutting boards would do the trick for toys. AFM Naturals is an eco-friendly line of products created for the chemically sensitive. AFM also makes a wide range of safe, nontoxic paints and sealants, including linseed and hemp seed oils. Pacific Rim Woodworking makes nontoxic tung oil and pure beeswax wood-finishing products for its eco-friendly wood furniture, including cribs. You can also contact a green retailer, such as Environmental Products and Design, that carries these products and can offer advice on their use.

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