Which way to face the front door? Which way is best to orient the house for maximum cooling efficiency?

Asked by amy
Missouri City, TX

we are about to build a house in Texas. I am assuming to face the front door toward NORTH, but would like your opinion. We also want to build a pool and would like to get shade over the pool area for late afternoon ( 3 – 6 pm), assuming that the pool should be on the southeast side? Would love your input. Thanks, amy


Sean Lintow Sr

Answered by Sean Lintow Sr

Naperville, IL

SLS Construction & Building Solutions

April 1, 2013

The windows and overall shell play a bigger part on efficiency than a door ever will. With that, by having it on the north it will mainly be the coolest section though I would recommend a covered patio or walk in area no matter where it is placed. 

As for the pool, have you considered a courtyard with walls and a pergola roof area? Think Santa Fe or Mission style.


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